Services and Outreach

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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve, empower, and equip faith-based and community citizens with essential biblical resources, strategies and tools to help them "BreakForth" as progressive well-trained servant-leaders within their sphere of influence. Accordingly, our vision is to impact the world by training, developing, and influencing those we assist the opportunity to become better community citizens, both civic and spiritually.

We accomplish this mission and vision through the following means:

  1. Through the establishment of various faith-based religious services, conferences, workshops, consulting, and training and development sessions pursuant to our recognized mission and vision, and code of doctrine and discipline of the Bible, and other forms of mass media for the purpose of training, developing and educating the individual in the Word of God.
  2. By maintaing a website,, for the preparation and training and development of women in or aspiring to be in ministry.
  3. Through establishing, developing and operating missions events, works, outreach initiatives and/or ministries to meet the needs of the community, including but not limited to providing food, shelter, basic needs to the impoverished, widows/widowers, orphans, sick, imprisoned, teenage parents, domestic abused, or other people in need of community service, pursuant to the provisions and expectations of the Bible. 
  4. We establish, develop and operate, or use other reputable media outlets or available technological forms of communication to fulfill our stated vision, mission and initiatives.